Tips for getting around Bangkok by Public Transportation.

Over the past decades, we can see public transportation in Bangkok has been continuously developed all around. From traditional transportation such as, bus, boat, motorbike taxi, taxi, and tuk-tuk, the additional ones are Skytrain and underground whose roadmap will be fully completed in years to come. They will connect people from one place to another faster and more easily.

Inevitably, the development will lead to expansion of infrastructure, real estate, and new lifestyle centre all along lines, passed through areas like in Sukhumvit arear which are embedded by a lifestyle of international folks. For example, there are many famous hotel restaurants and rooftop bars and bistro, cafe, and shopping venues. These will be soon noticeable spread out from the city centre or just its nearby areas.

Let find out many ways to get around Bangkok, as well as transportation tips for your next round.

1. ฺBTS Skytrain, Underground, and Airport Rail Link

The advantage of the rail system is that it connects the residential areas, commercial space, and business centre. People, therefore, prefer living nearby each station to get on and off as you can see many condominiums located along the side of Sukhumvit line. Although these ways are higher cost than other public transportation, time efficiency is fairly trade-off. The commuter can avoid long time spending on the road when traffic is terrible. Also, this way is better than driving a personal car to work because there will be additional parking fees and will need to take time to find a parking slot in limited space in CBD.

Check the overall roadmap of the rail system in Bangkok here.


This public transportation is suitable to workers as all of their lines, mostly pass through CBD and plenty of office building. Moreover, each of them can be across at an interchange station, thus you can be connected from one line to another or more. More conveniently, you can top up money to a Rabbit card or currently E-wallet in advance. Once it's time to travel, you will not have to wait for a long queue to buy a ticket. Also, buying monthly trips of which is fixed costs for worth more are able to do as it is worth more for a long distance. Easy to check Bangkok BTS map and info.

2. Motorbike taxi

A motorbike taxi is one of a good choice for a rush commuter. Despite traffic jams, a motorbike taxi driver can have a short cut and permeate other cars. However, this way would be more difficult during the rainy season. Thus, a raincoat is needed to be carried in your bag.


As you will ride on a motorbike taxi driver on the road, don't forget to ask for a helmet for your safety. Extremely, it is legally required for not just only a motorbike rider, but also a riding pillion to were a helmet. This is to avoid getting charged by the police. Moreover, you are suggested to check the costs before you decided to get off as they are flexible, relied on distance from the start to your destination. Currently, you can call a Grab bike via the application that can be previously confirmed costs and pick-up point and time, even no need to hail on the wayside.


3. Taxi car

Going somewhere far away from an accessible BTS line, a taxi car is better for a few commuters for cost-sharing. Absolutely, you will be covered from the sun and rain. You can just sit back on the seat along the way the taxi is driving. During that, you might read the news or listen to music, regardless of getting squeezed from overcrowded people like Skytrain and underground.


The suggestion is that before you get off the taxi, you should check your current origin, destination, total distance, and how many ways to get there. This is to prevent the taxi driver to charge exceeding fees because of taking a long way or getting into the traffic jam. Hailing via Grab application is also recommended you can ensure costs and pick-up point and time, no need to hail on the wayside.

4. Boat

Traveling by waterway in Bangkok is another swift public transportation and lower cost. There are two boat services, including Khlong boat (Saen Saep Boat Service on the canal) and Chao Phraya Express. Khlong boat service hours are 5.30 a.m. - 8.30 p.m. (7 p.m. on weekend) you can take across two east-west connected lines. Especially, it's useful for commuters going around Siam Square during peak periods. It's easy to connect to bus stop, BTS, and MRT. Chao Praya Express has stops along both sides of the river with the connection to BTS station and bus service at boat piers.


Commuters are suggested to check service lines, departure time, and boat piers of your origin and destination. So, you will not have to waste time and money because of going in the wrong direction. Also, please strictly follow the boat service regulations for your safety all the time during the trip.

5. Bus

Getting on a bus is another low cost of public transportation. The routes are connected throughout the main roads and streets around Bangkok. One trip basically costs from 8 baht-25 baht, an additional 2 baths for expressway route, depending on bus categories and distance. However, this way will be not a good choice once you are in a rush. It will take time to spend because of terrible traffic and pulling over at bus stations along the route. But if you have much more time, taking a bus would be nice for sight-seeing.


Because of time taking, you should prepare some time to wait for the right bus at the right bus station to get on the route. Easily, you can check the bus route and bus station in advance on Google Map and more conveniently via an application such as ViaBus. You can just input the origin and destination before you go. For more information, you can go to Bangkok Mass Transit Authority website.

Roomesh hopes all the tips will guide you to get around Bangkok more smoothly. You can find out more information from Transit Bangkok.

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