5 Basic Security System Condominium Should Have

The necessary factors that every condominium buyers need to pay attention are mainly prioritized to its location, design, floor plan, direction, and room type. Furthermore, another thing that should be taken into account is the condo security system.

Roomesh's guide today is 5 basic security system every condominium should have for your purchasing or renting checklist.

1. Access control

The building itself should have access control, including a guardhouse for the entrance, key card access for the gate and elevator, and parking key card for only for a residential parking slot. Particularly, it's extremely secured, if the elevator is floor fixed to each unit only.


CCTV is another way we can investigate when an unexpected event happens. Cameras should be set up in all areas such as the lobby, elevator, corridors, parking, and dark spots. The system is necessarily checked up as usual so that we can ensure it works properly 24/7.

3. Disconnected balcony

This might be neglected by some buyers and tenants that the balcony of each unit should not easily be climbed across. The disconnected balcony is to prevent other people to get into your unit from the balcony and steal your valuable belongings.

4. Fire policy

Fire policy is one of the most important we as a residence should seriously pay attention. For example, fire extinguishers and fire exits are required to have on every floor. Utterly, your unit should be provided with a fire alarm. Usually, the equipment is needed to be checked up if it confirmedly works well and to have proper maintenance.

5. Professional management office

Management office plays a key role as a rule controller of the condominium. A professional management office should strictly enforce residences to keep following the policy. If there is someone breaking it, the management office must take action for the benefits of all residences.

Remember, concerning the security as much as other factors are recommended. Don't let the security problem fret your happiness of living at your fascinating condominium.

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