5 Basic Protective Measures Against Covid-19

The pandemic, Covid-19 has became the most concerned all over the world. We believe everyone is keeping an eyes on the situation more seriously, as many increasing cases are investigated. Mostly, the initial symptoms are mild illness, cough, and sore throat, and these group of infected people can recover themselves. However, it can be more severe for others.

Therefore, Roomesh urges all of you to stay aware of the outbreak to take care of your health and protect yourself from it.

Following WHO advice to avoid the Coronavirus or Covid-19 disease, you can strictly do 5 basic protective measures.

1. Wash your hands

Cleanliness of your hands is the most important. You need to regularly and thoroughly wash your hands as often as possible with soap and water. Or you can use at lease 70-75% alcohol-based gel and spray . The virus on your hands can be killed by then. Remember, not to touch your face, nose, mount, and eyes, unless you cleanly wash your hands.

2. Wear a mask

Make sure you follow respiratory hygiene as the prevention of Covid-19 to not getting infected or not spreading it to other people. You might not recognize who have been infected and they might not properly cover their nose and mount when they sneeze of cough. Covid-19 can be easily disseminated to you. So, wear a mash when you go public is necessary.

3. Stay informed and follow advice given by healthcare provider

As we are dealing with the novel outbreak, to avoid Covid-19, we need to follow advice from official sources such as, WHO and national and local public health authority. This is to help you update how the situation is going on and whether it spreads out in your area so that, you can timely cope with.

4. Social distancing

Covid-19 can easily spreads out by infected droplets from a person coughing and sneezing The advice is to maintain yourself from others at least 3 feet or 1 metre distance. If you come back from a risky area that has been found an infected person, you must quarantine yourself at home for at least 14 days. You need to notice any symptoms such as cough, running nose, and fewer. If that occurs to you, it is important you need to check the infection at a hospital. Don't be too chill, as the sooner you are investigated positive, the more possible you can recover.

5. Stay home, Stay healthy

Going outside increases a chance you would get infected from others. Therefore, during the boost of spreading, the suggestion is staying home and go outside as least as possible, All activities such as working from home, eating, watching a movie, online socializing, and exercising is needed to be in your own place. Utmostly, this measure is the most prioritized in many countries to highly stop the widespread outbreak.

We are all now fighting with the same outbreak Covid-19. Just all of us keep doing the above measures, we can reduce the number of infected cases and mitigate severity of the disease.

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